Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Hobby!

                                                I'm learning about how to use metaphysics!
Chakra and healing stones :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Heart Shapes!!!

I love love love heart shapes!! & things shaped like hearts!!!! So that will be my focus the next few days! <3

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New JOB!!

After 18 months of unemployment, I finally have been hired somewhere!! I was volunteering there, and the two weeks I've been there, I have impressed enough to be hired on. The only problem is SHOPPING!!!! I love it! So come visit me in St. Paul off White Bear Ave & Larpenteur, or go to one of the other 3 locations: New Hope, Richfield, or Brooklyn Center ;) GREAT STUFF!! I can't resist it.


You know it's bad if Ambien won't help. We'll try again tonight. Otherwise a baseball bat upside the head may be the answer. I'm sure I can find some takers for that job. Speaking of job...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Luck for me~

Good luck to me on getting this job!!! Fingers crossed! I pulled out extra good luck charms for this!

Snow In April

FUCK YOU MINNESOTA WEATHER!!!! I HAAAAAAATE YOU!!!! Because I'm the only one this upset, & Mother Nature gives a damn right?? Ha. At least it will melt soon. And I will take this over muggy any day. Just not the snow part.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shape Ups

This might catch me some flack, considering how popular these shoes are. But, I don't see how these things are. They're ugly- IMO- for one, and two, do they REALLY shape you up? Walking from the car to the house isn't gonna help. Walking around the store isn't gonna help enough. Unless you're a mall walker, or you don't use a cart and lap Walmart 17 times. I don't know. If they really help, I'd love to know, as I've never even tried them, so I'm kinda talking out of my ass somewhat. What I do know, is the women I've seen wearing them- none of my friends if any of you do- need more than some magical shoes, and to let them think otherwise is wrong. They're not helping, and if they are, it's too little to really be noticed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Kitty/Strawberry Bag

I NEED this bag. Hello Kitty AND strawberries means it was made especially for me. I know it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goodnight Moon

And while I'm thinking of it, wtf is all the hub-bub with Goodnight Moon?! The book is boring, & the plot is hard to follow. (ha ha) Everyone seems to think that book is some sort of legendary staple to childhood. BS. You want to read a good one, check out Goodnight Gorilla. Now that's a book for bedtime. Even my kids thought GM was dumb. I'm sure there's some sort of, "sentimental" shit behind it, but I don't see it. Goodnight Gorilla all the way.

Jupiter Pt 1

This pic made by Sol-Angelica ( ) is so beautiful, and reminds me of my Jupiter Renee Kitty Kat Berreau, may her demonic soul rest in peace, that I had to share. I miss my baby so much. I love my new kitties, but they just aren't Jupiter. She may have terrorized everyone else, but she loved me. & I love her. xoxox Jupi.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry Necklace

I guess until school is over, this blog is going to be rather boring. But, a little here & there, keeps it fun for me. Here is a super cute absolutely huge & gaudy necklace I want SUUUUUPER BAD!!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My World

Today I am making the world mine. And nothing is gonna stop me. Not even utter exhaustion. Hope everyone does exactly the same! XOXOX

Wide Awake

Hey! You sheep bitches wanna do your job and put me to sleep?? I swear you can't hire good ewe these days.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Favorite Memory

You know who you are ;)

My Favorite Flower

Red Dahlia

Surprisingly, my favorite flower isn't pink! Though the pink ones are pretty much just as gorgeous. I want to try growing some this year maybe. Thank God for Aqua Globes! We'll see how long this idea lasts.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Potty Mouth Cats!

Since I've got nothing to muse about, another favortite thing to make me happy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011



Most Obvious Fave

The most obvious, with waaaay too many cute pics to post! So I picked only two. I don't have the infinite space to post them all without driving people nuts! My absolute fave!

Favorite Things

I have a bit of ecclectic & obsessive taste in things that are my favorites. So now & again, I'm just gonna post my favorite things. If, 'The Sound of Music' has taught me anything, it's to be so self indulgent! This files gonna be huge! LOVESIT!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watercolor Class Part 2

Yes, I'm gonna add a picture everytime. Just cause. I guess I should stop bitching so much. My teacher loved my painting I worked super hard on, & I thought looked like crap. Now to finish the two up, start the hard one, get pissed off a lot, & be damn done... til she heaps another load of paintings on us. The end.

Ice Cream

The best part of being an adult is eating ice cream for breakfast in front of my mom. I told her everyday as a kid, that when I grew up, I was going to eat ice cream whenever I wanted- especially for breakfast. Sometimes I don't even want ice cream for breakfast, but I can't break the pact I made with little me all those years ago. I win this battle for little me everytime.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stupid Effing Watercolor class Pt. 1

I've got nothing fun to write about, because my pretend hippie art teacher has me up AGAIN painting. I got my first compliment today though. I can mix colors to match something like a professional paint mixer. I had no idea Menard's hired pros, but I guess I can quit school, my fate is sealed. When I was little I wanted to be a professional crayon sharpener, so I imagine that's where I got my start in loving colors. Psh. All I have to say is the picture is symmetrical enough dammit! If it doesn't have to be exact, then you leave it wide open lady. Now start being nice like real hippies, instead of a ballbuster. You're only teaching a fucking art class. So, maybe my mojo will be set tomorrow after, "Angry After Dark Paint Time", is over.


Just getting used to it & set up. Nothing special to say yet. Primarily because I just woke up.